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Scientific name: Rapanea guianensis

Postage (m): 2,80

DAP (cm): 3,0


Country of Origin: BRAZIL
Region: Pará to Minas Gerais and São Paulo
Family: Myrsinaceae

Size ranges from 4 to 8 meters.
Copa branched and straight trunk. Displays deciduous foliage, with simple leaves, leathery and glabrous. Flowers usually in the months from June to July, with small flowers, which originate directly from the branches and unimportant ornamental.
Slow growth.
Species with ornamental appearance and can be used in landscaping in general and due to its small size, can be successfully employed in afforestation of narrow streets. When in fruiting, Capororoca attracts several species of Brazilian birds.
Species of birds that attracts: wise, Arapongas, Sairas, Ties, Maritacas, Parakeets, aracaris, among others.



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