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Cliff Date Palm (Chão)

Scientific name: Phoenix rupicola

Postage (m): 1,30


Country of Origin: INDIA
Family: Arecaceae (Palmae)

Size of 5 to 7 meters.
Has stem solitary, slender and devoid of visible palm, the leaves are pinnate, shiny, curved by the presence of spines at the base. The fruits are red color and then purplish-black when fully ripe.
Slow development.
Palmeiras adapted both full sun to half shade as presents and good hardiness.
Infrequent species in Brazil but cultivated by collectors. It is considered by many the most elegant and graceful of the genre due to its bright foliage fronds curled. Suitable for afforestation of parks and gardens, plantations both in isolated and in groups or rows.



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