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Cereja do RG

Scientific name: Eugenia involucrata

Postage (m): 3,00

DAP (cm): 3,4


Country of Origin: BRAZIL
Region: Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul
Family: Myrtaceae

Size range between 5 and 8 meters.
Dense canopy and trunk bit thick. Semideciduous plant with foliage and leaves simple, opposite, glossy dark green in color. It blooms in the spring months, with the emergence of new branches. Edible fruits, has the color of red wine when the mature and highly appreciated by birds of various species.
Moderate growth.
Ornamental species widely used in orchards in the southern region. Can be used in afforestation of narrow streets in the electrical wiring and home gardens. In pots, can be pruned to acquire the desired format.
Species of birds that attracts: thrushes, tanagers, Gaturamos, Sairas, Bem-te-vis, among others.



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