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Goiaba roxa

Scientific name: Psidium guajava

Postage (m): 2,20

DAP (cm): 2,6


Country of Origin: BRAZIL
Region: Rio de Janeiro to Rio Grande do Sul
Family: Myrtaceae

Size ranges from 3 to 5 meters.
Twisted trunk, smooth and exfoliating. Because it is a variation, this species has leaves and purple fruits and exotic. Simple leaves and flowering usually occurs with the appearance of new shoots (late September), the flowers are small and pink. The fruit is very similar to the common guava, but with the flesh firmer.
This is a fast growing species semideciduous.
Species that can be used in landscaping Brazil, both in orchards or as isolated plant. Creates compositions very different from those employed in the current landscape. Can be used in vessels of medium to large size.
Species of birds that attracts: doves, tuins, Jacus, Parakeets, Parrots, parakeets, tanagers, thrushes, Gaturamos, Sairas, Ties, Macucos, inhambus, Jacutingas, Japins, Gypsy, Hummingbirds, among others.



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