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Black poplar italica

Scientific name: Populus nigra var. italica

Postage (m): 2,00 a 2,50

DAP (cm): 2,0


Country of Origin: ITALY
Family: Salicaceae

Possession of 15 to 20 feet, torso upright and columnar and dense canopy. It has deciduous foliage
The tree canopy provides a very interesting and ornamental, and is always used with great success in landscaping and plant in groups or alone. Can successfully be used to hide high masonry structures, leaving more natural environment.
Rapid growth.
Adapts to any soil type. It is indicated for the southern highlands of Brazil and Southeast, but can be seen in several projects in São Paulo where the temperature is higher. In these situations the foliage is less dense and where the presence of dead branches.



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