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Scientific name: Psidium cattleianum

Postage (m): 2,00

DAP (cm): 2,4


Country of Origin: BRAZIL
Region: Bahia to Rio Grande do Sul
Family: Myrtaceae

Porte is 3-6 meters.
Copa ornamental and smooth trunk, often tortuous. Evergreen foliage, with small leaves and glabrous. Flowering most of the year usually from July to December, with small flowers of beige.
Fruits edible and highly sought after by Brazilian avifauna.
Slow growth.
Species of ornamental appearance, widely used in home gardens, because its fruits are appreciated for fresh consumption. Goes very well in pots for terraces and roofs, placed directly in the sun.
Species of birds that attracts: doves, tuins, Jacus, Parakeets, Parrots, parakeets, tanagers, thrushes, Gaturamos, Sairas, Ties, Macucos, inhambus, Jacutingas, Japins, Gypsy, Hummingbirds, among others.



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