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2- Arapongas Farm

The Trees, occupies an area of ​​approximately 15ha within Arapongas Farm, where besides the production of seedlings are also producing goats, sheep and horse farms. Are preserved and the APP's legal reserve, as the New Forest Code (Law No. 12,651, of May 25, 2012) which serve as a matrix for the grove collecting the seeds used in the production of seedlings.

The farmhouse colonial São Paulo, the nineteenth century is all restored and its large garden surroundings has a botanical wealth of invaluable, comparable to the great botanical gardens of the world.

The farm has many springs and several ponds that serve as shelter to numerous species of fish, waterfowl and wild animals, where it is easily possible to observe: siriemas, hares, agoutis, howler monkeys, canaries, among other species.


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