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Founded in 1998, due to a passion for plants led the owners to create the 1st project tree with high quality and standardization in Farm Arapongas (Amparo - SP), after 3 years of research, structuring the area and production of seedlings, was presented in October 2001, to professionals and companies in the sector during Fiaflora IV (International Fair of Landscape Gardening, Leisure and Floriculture), causing great impact.

The "Trees" has participated since its inception, the main events related to the sectors landscaping and tree planting throughout Brazil as an exhibitor or as a lecture. For example: Fiaflora, Hortitec, Casa Cor, Garden Fair, CBAU, Personals Afforestation, among others.

Today, shows its results in large projects throughout Brazil, mainly in Real Estate developments, public works and urban greening, environmental compensation projects, residences etc..

Our trees are recommended by top professionals and companies in Brazil and abroad.


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