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3- Technical Monitoring Specialist

The Trees have as the technical manager Ms. Eng Agr. Ronan Pereira Machado (CREA / SP No. 5060782972 and No. RENASEM 03.286/2001 SP), a specialist in the production of large trees (Curriculum Lattes - =, who works at the company since September 1998.

The company has the certificate of registration on the National Register of seeds and seedlings - RENASEM (No. 03.314/012), for the issuance of the term of validity required for marketing and transport of seedlings.

Constantly participates in events related to afforestation and landscaping sectors, such as: CBAU (Brazilian Congress of Urban Forestry), Fiaflora, ExpoGarden, among others.

It has exchange of information and technologies with several research institutions and companies related to the sector as Barcham Trees ( Casa da Árvore  (, ESALQ / USP (, Kew Garden ( SBAU (, Wangara Horticultural Supplies (, among others.


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