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Scientific name: Punica granatum

Postage (m): 1,90

DAP (cm): 3,6


Country of Origin: INDIA
Family: Punicaceae

Size varies between 2 and 5 meters.
Cup highly branched. It blooms several times a year, with very showy red flowers at the tips of branches. The fruits appear soon after flowering with rounded reddish green in color, varying according to species. The inside of the fruit consists of berries with slightly acidic pulp. Foliage semi-deciduous, its leaves have reddish tint when new.
Moderate growth.
Species very interesting, goes very well in pots to be placed on terraces and roofs, or as isolated plants in any garden.
Pomegranates represent abundance and happiness.
Species of birds that attracts: thrushes, tanagers, Bem-te-vis, Sairas, Doves, Juritis, doves, parakeets, among others.



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