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To succeed in planting a tree seedling, you must do some procedures before, such as the choice of species, site preparation and planting of the pit.

1. Choice of species

Before buying a tree seedling, it should be borne in mind that the species to be chosen should be appropriate to the climatic conditions of the region and soil type of venue.

The species chosen, the next step is to purchase the plant. You should get the best possible changes because it is one of the surest ways to increase your chances of success. Select plants in a substrate free of weeds and avoid plants with wilted leaves and discolored. Try to buy seedlings from nurseries suitable and who care about the correct identification of your seedlings.

2. Planting site

Study the area well before choosing the site for planting, the sun is essential and must be planned well need the space, not forgetting that the tree will grow. Note the presence of electrical wires, walls, driveways etc..

3. Preparation of the pit

Every plant needs a good hole to develop. The ideal is to leave the pit prepared before the day of planting. The hole should be twice as large as the root ball of the seedling. If the packaging of 100 liters, can be 1m3 (1 x 1 x 1).

With the earth resulting from the opening of the pit, should be mixed organic compound or substrate, at a ratio of 60% organic compound or substrate for 40% of the original ground.

4. Packing

The packages are not biodegradable, so they must be discarded (fully or partially) at planting time. The lifetime of the package is approximately 5 years, according to the conditions found in the production area.

Under conditions where the tree with root surface can present problems, it is recommended that the top of the pack is not removed (30cm from the handles), causing its root system will develop deeper into the soil.

5. Plantation

It should be unpacking the changes carefully, not to damage the root ball and with it the root system of the plant, accommodate it in the hole so that it is with the torso straight. Put the mixture slowly (soil + substrate) along with the fertilizer (NPK -10-10-10) and press from time to time with the hands, to help fix the plant in the soil.

Place a tutor wooden (or bamboo stake) in the plant when needed or when it comes tutored. And cool the plant with amarrilhos rubber.

Drizzle generously plant soon after planting and where the climate is dry

6. Fertilization

In the specific case of plants for Trees, it is recommended to apply 60 g at planting and every 3 months (60g) of the fertilizer NPK - 10-10-10.


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