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in Winter

In winter, some care must be taken that the plants that bloom this time deem beautiful flowers and return to health and vigor in the following season. Most species enters dormancy period, that is, your metabolism is lowered to withstand the cold and wind of the season and get ready for the intense metabolic activity that will come in the spring.

Some plants lose their leaves to reduce evaporation and water storage on the coldest days with no rain. They also stop producing chlorophyll little incidence of the sun, so some leaves turn yellowish or reddish. Those that do not change color fade so your pores close and protect from moisture loss.


There is time to fertilize plants healthy because they need rest and fertilizer will stimulate budding and increased wear to them. The time is ripe to make a soil amendment.

Organic manure

Fertilize only the most needy, sick or in flower, but use organic fertilizer and manure.

Mineral fertilizers

Not suitable for this time of year, the plants are already very low metabolism and the use of chemical fertilizers can cause some damage to plant, for toxicity and leaving the soil more acid.


Should be scarce at this time, because water evaporates more slowly from the earth and watering too can rot the roots, leaves and cause fungal diseases.


Plants only need pruning cleaning retiada dry twigs and leaves patients if Pruning in the fall has not been made or was insufficient. Never can plants will bloom and bear fruit in these months.

Pruning training: not recommended, because it can serve as input to the plant pathogen and any harmful to their development and flowering in the next season.

Pruning cleaning: It is recommended to remove the yellowing leaves and twigs and malformed to favor the penetration of sunlight through the branches of the plant. After pruning cleaning, spray it with a fungicide, which will significantly reduce the appearance of diseases.

Combat pests and diseases

This season, in rainy places, plants can be attacked by pests and diseases, such as slugs, snails and some fungal diseases.

Tip: Always have two sprays, one with fungicides (for leaf spot) and another with insecticide (for insects), always ready to use (those can be manual sprayers). Whenever detected some pest or stain just apply and control.

Suggested Products: Fungicide - Syrup Bordeaux or copper and Forth Pest (aphids, mites, etc.) - Perfection.

General Care

Watering should be drastically reduced and occur in the morning and so well spaced and only if necessária. Enjoy the time to admire the species that bloom at this time, as ipe, jacaranda and eritrinas.



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