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Importance of tree

The tree has always had a fundamental importance for man. Different cultures and people got the tree construction materials to build homes and to manufacture weapons, tools, vehicles and vessels. Apart from wood, a number of other products can be cited as the cellulose (raw paper), the cork resins, latex (liquid secreted by some trees, such as rubber, which is essential for several industries), the gums, varnishes, glue and tannin, without forgetting the economic importance of fruit trees.

An isolated tree is itself a complex ecosystem, home to many species of animals that find their food in it, whether in the form of leaf buds or fruits. About your cortex grow fungi, lichens and parasitic plants and epiphytes such as bromeliads, using the tree as a support to reach the height where light is abundant. Among the roots are insect larvae, worms that live underground, mites and rodents. That is, the tree hosts a multitude of living things: in cold regions, conifers keep rodents and birds, in the savannas of Africa, are a key part of the diet of ruminant herbivores (feeding on leaves and buds of the branches); in the rainforest, help to form an environment characterized by moisture where plants and animals proliferate.


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